6 Classic Men's Coats for Every Occassion

A men’s coat or jacket can really add the finishing touches to any outfit, regardless of the season. Here at Crofton & Hall, we offer a huge range of luxury men’s coats and men’s jackets for you to choose from, but if you need a little guidance as to which styles of coat to wear and when read on for our men’s style advice!

Bomber Jacket

Famously seen on James Dean

A fantastic choice of smart casual coat, 1926 saw the first design of the flight jacket which we now know as the bomber jacket. This jacket was designed to be worn by the US Army’s fighter jet pilots, and soon every pilot in their air force was sporting a smart bomber jacket. Crombie Ltd were suppliers of bomber jackets to the RAF and US Air Force during the Second World War. You’ll find fashionable bomber jackets designed for more modern times in our collection of men’s jackets at Crofton & Hall.


Chesterfield Coat

Famously seen on James Bond

Named after the Earl of Chesterfield, the coat was the first overcoat of its kind. Although it was originally double-breasted, it did also become single breasted but retained its wide and untailored style. Worn by King Edward VIII, the Chesterfield is known as a classic coat that is easily thrown over your suit to dash down the road in, come rain or shine.



Famously seen on Cary Grant

Named after its namesake brand, Crombie Ltd, Crombie first invented their trademark Crombie coat in 1805. A timeless classic, known as the classic town coat, the Crombie has been recently popularised among the horse racing community – appearing on some of the finest racehorse owners and trainers in the country. You simply cannot go wrong with a Crombie.



Famously seen on Frank Sinatra

The Harrington jacket first came into existence in America in the 1930s. It’s a jacket that’s most heavily associated with the Mods of the 1960s, but is a style that made its way into the hearts and wardrobes of many, making it another timeless style of men’s jacket.



Famously seen on Michael Caine

First sold in 1942, a mackintosh is a form of a waterproof overcoat made from rubberised fabric. Nowadays, many men’s coat brands throughout the world produce their own forms of the mackintosh, most commonly known as a ‘mac’.


Wax Jacket

Famously seen on Country gentlemen

Frequently seen in dark tones such as green, brown, navy or black, the wax jacket is perfect for the great British countryside and its unpredictable weather! Worn by many members of the British Royal family and the aristocracy, the wax jacket became synonymous with British country fashion since it was first designed in the mid 19th century for country pursuits.