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Blue & White Striped Blazer - Mawimbi


This season we are proud to present the new Mawimbi (meaning 'waves' in Swahili) collection, which is inspired by the tropical, white sandy beaches and turquoise seas from the Kenyan coast. This colour palate has enabled us to launch a more subtle, yet still unique and eye-catching range of clothing.

This new signature piece, the Mawimbi blue and white mottled blazer still brings out the wild side of your personality, whilst also allowing for subtlety and grace. This blazer paired with our new pink pique cotton Mawimbi shirt is a winning combination to set the tone for the new season.

This blue summer blazer is made entirely from the unique and authentic Kenyan Kikoy fabric. Kikoy is a super soft 100% cotton fabric, which bridges the gap between a wool blazer and a linen blazer, providing a light, yet soft feel.

Styled on the quintessentially British boating blazer. This offshore sailing blazer is a statement piece, designed to take you on a wild yet elegant adventure.

With a new collection brings a new community project, with 5% of all our Mawimbi product sales going towards supporting marine life off the coast of Kenya through Eco World Recycling projects.

All Kikoy blazers are two button, with welt pockets and four buttons on the sleeves with a working cuff. This blazer incorporates the extra detail of a pop-up pocket square.

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