Espresso Ground Coffee


Speciality coffee is a passion of Roastworks who have sourced a range that consists of four single origin coffees and one espresso blend. They roast them in small batches using artisanal methods to highlight each coffee’s unique flavour characteristics.

The Espresso is a seasonally sourced blend of coffees from various growing regions. It’s a homage to the kind of espresso we like to drink and is realised through a careful selection of the best beans from the current crop. Roastworks roast this blend relatively light (compared with “traditional” espresso), which allows the intrinsic qualities of the beans to shine without being overpowered by “roasty” or “smokey” notes.

For Roastworks, a great espresso is sweet, balanced and has notes of chocolate and fruit. This was their brief when they set out to create The Espresso, and we think we’ve nailed it. A bright acidity leads in to notes of sweet strawberry jam and orange marmalade. This is balanced with a rich, rounded, cocoa body and a pleasant, lingering finish.

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