Rose & Violet Chocolate Cremes 235g

By popular demand an even large box of our adored Rose and Violet Cremes. Luxury dark chocolate enrobing the great English classic crèmes of rose and violet. A key favourite of royalty, fashionistas and ballerinas, Prestat’s rose and violets are simply the best, the most delicate and the most timeless examples of this cult indulgence.

Rose & Violet Crème facts: Sandra Bernhardt commissioned an inverted violet crème, sadly a long lost recipe. One of Agatha Christie’s victim’s is poisoned by a box of violet crèmes; Poirot solves the mystery when, on closer inspection of the deadly chocolates, he see that their tops and bottoms have been put back the wrong way. In the 1950s, they were the seduction chocolate of choice for London’s debutantes (according to our mother).

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